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Feb 2021

Excited to be working on SONGS OF CHANGE for The Civic, Dublin.


It's a participatory art project inspired by this moment of significant change which we are all currently navigating.  Songs of Change sees The Civic’s Associate Artist Veronica Coburn work with a group of 18 citizens from South Dublin County exploring moments of time in our lives when change occurs.  When we are made different.  


I will be turning all this devised text/lyrics into 10 original songs which will hopefully be recorded by Irish artists at some point in the future.

7th to 12th July Vocal Tutor for 
Richard Michael - Summer Jazz Course

So finally, the project that started with an idea in 2011 and a show in 2012 now has a CD and Songbook to add to the list.   The IN A SMA ROOM CDs and Songbooks have arrived and looks lovely very much in part due to the beautiful original linocut print designed the wonderful Bryan Angus - I would get it for that alone!

This project, which features the poems of Perth poet William Soutar  ( for more information on him) has been a labour of love for a number years now. Paul Harrison, Kevin MacKenzie and I wrote 6 songs each and performed them originally in the show of the same name and with the addition of  the fabulous Patsy Reid on all things string! We revived the show with its music and theatre elements, for the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014 as part of the Made in Scotland showcase - can hardly believe that was 6 years ago now!  People who came asked where they could get the songs... and so eventually - with a Kickstarter campaign some support from the Andrew Tannahill Fund and other funds - the album was recorded August 2020. For this recording, we were lucky enough to be joined by Signy Jakobsdottir on percussion and Andrew Robb on bass.   And there it was - 18 songs recorded over 3 days - a mammoth task but we did it and we now have the CD as proof.  This project was always about trying to get Soutar  out there so the idea of putting the book together with a sections on Soutar's life, a bit about the project, all 18 poems and all the songs in sheetmusic form - seemed a nice way to give it legacy.  Paul did a great job on not only the production of the CD but on making the songs ready for the book which has been published by Tippermuir Books in Perth. 

Thanks to everyone who made this all possible.

Now on to other news. SONGS OF CHANGE is another Dublin based project led by writer/director Veronica Coburn. So  I am about to start writing the music for 10 songs with lyrics devised from stories and ideas devised from summer online session with some members of the Ghost Hares cast - I project that I did in 2018.  Really looking forward to getting stuck into the writing and hopefully we'll get them recorded by some lovely Irish singers.

Thats all for now.  Time to get on with packing and get posting....! 

Monday 16th November 2020
Update on IN A SMA ROOM

Lots of things going on at the moment, but I'll start with album and some vocal project updates:


Still working on the Sma Room album - it has taken a while but nearly there. I do have a beautiful album cover/song book design by artist Bryan Angus - I would buy it for that alone!  Will be putting more news on this up soon plus info about gigs.


Starting rehearsals in April for a special Blue Rose Code/Southern Fried Voices 2018 reunion at Perth Theatre - we are repeating some songs for that gig and doing a few new ones.  This was a wonderful gig to listen to, let alone be involved with.  (Some pictures and videos in the Gallery section). If anyone that was in that SFV 2018 choir, hasn't heard about this yet, contact: 

Also about to begin a new 8 week project with THAT (Tayside Healthcare Arts Trust) and the Perth  CHAS group so very much looking forward to that.  

7th to 12th July Vocal Tutor for 
Richard Michael - Summer Jazz Course

Looking forward to my 2nd year as Vocal Tutor at the Richard Michael - Summer Jazz Course.

The course is unique in being open to players and singers of all instruments/voices, all ages and all levels, whether or not they have any previous jazz experience.  Course Director Richard Michael BEM heads up a team of some of the finest professional jazz performers and educators in the country, who will work   to develop skills and confidence – whatever their starting point – in small supportive groups

Sat 25th May
Singing Workshop with Debra Salem
and Angus Folk

I'm looking forward to this - some new things, the odd old favourite.. hope to see some of you there.

St Margarats Parish Church, Forfar


My latest project with Veronica Coburn is live this week

if you are in or around Dublin this week please come down to the Civic Theatre, Tallaght for the production of Ghost Hares

A theatrical celebration, spoken and sung, of the people and landscape of South Dublin County. Performed by Clamour & Roar, - A chorus of citizens

This is a wonderful community production which I am very proud to be part of.

04/04/19 In a Sma Room Kickstarter was a Success

Excited to announce that the Kickstarter was a success, we (Paul Harrison, Kevin Mackenzie, Patsy Reid and I) are finally going to record the album of the songs from the wonderful William Soutar’s poems that we used in the show In a Sma Room, - We plan to record and release the album by August this year.

Please come to the pre Album gig on Monday 22nd April in Perth


So, its been a while but lots going on.

BUT FIRST.....If you are trying to contact me or buy the album 'About Time'on CD please contact me using the 'Contact Page


You can purchase it from this website as a download


Now preparing for its 15th anniversary since I started it with the community!

'Craigie Comunity Choir' is forging ahead with new arrangments I have written and reviving some wonderful older ones.

Watch this space, we might be planning something!

May 2019 - Clamour and Roar

Clamour and Roar- Is my new composition project with friend and colleague, Veronica Coburn.

Live in Dublin on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd of May at the Civic Theatre

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